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In these sessions - from Module 1 of the Premium Training - I'll show you how to "Rule the Retailers" and make sure your books show up where readers are already looking. Fact: the online bookstores aren't "bookstores" in the traditional sense... they're search engines. 

This means they work more like Google than they do Barnes & Noble. Of course, this means the way you approach your marketing will be different - and it all starts with understanding how Amazon and the other ebook stores recommend books to readers using a sophisticated algorithm. 

When you understand how to make that algorithm work for you, your books can reach more people without you needing to do anything except put these strategies into action (and let them run). In this session, I'll explain how the online bookstores work, and how to position yourself for maximum visibility. 

In later modules - available inside the Premium Training program - I'll show you exactly what to do with your categories, titles, keywords, and other "metadata" to drive more views and sales of your work - plus how to optimise your books for maximum conversion, build your email list, and scale up with paid advertising. But for now, enjoy this preview!

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1: Session 1

Snippet: Getting Reviews

Want to see what can happen when you follow the reviews strategy we cover in module 4? Check out this snippet and see some results:


Here's What Else You'll Learn Inside the Program:

Module 1 - Rule the Retailers

  • Module 1.1 - How the ebook “search engines” work and how you can show up at the right place, right time
  • Module 1.2 - Nailing keywords & categories - build for long-term visibility and improved long-tail results (I’ll show you how to find the best choices)
  • Module 1.3 - Compelling book descriptions - the science behind why book descriptions work (when done right) and how we doubled our conversion rate by paying attention to this ONE key principle
  • Module 1.4 - Awesome covers - how to find the right cover for your books that will convert best, including how we tried out 3 covers and 4x our results (lots of practical examples)
  • Module 1.5 - The Look Inside - simple and practical steps to move buyers from “curious” to “bought the book” and how to drive traffic to your site with one simple strategy
  • Module 1.6 - Pricing - how much should you charge? How to use pricing (and free books) strategically to drive traffic and maximise profit, read-through, and LTV
  • Module 1.7 - Exclusive vs Wide - should you go exclusive with KDP Select / Kindle Unlimited? We’ll talk the pros and cons and help you make a decision  

Module 2 - Drive Endless Traffic

  • Module 2.1 - How to drive endless traffic to your books and websites with free / permafree (and make a profit doing it)
  • Module 2.2 - How to run the 4 major types of joint promotion - instantly double, triple, or quadruple your exposure (for free)
  • Module 2.3 - Giveaways and contests - how this one targeted approach helped me grow my list by 16,000 new readers in just a few months (full walkthrough)
  • Module 2.4 - Merchandising - how to show up on the front page of iBooks, Nook, Kobo and others for exposure to millions of potential new readers
  • Module 2.5 - How to promote like a pro – and which advertisers are worthwhile and how to “Stack” your promos for best results
  • Module 2.6 - How to use Amazon Ads and Bookbub Ads to drive traffic from targeted audiences straight to your book pages

Module 3 - Convert Traffic into Fans

  • Module 3.1 - Build your platform – how to convert random browsers into committed fans
  • Module 3.2 - The proven system to get readers OFF Amazon and the other sites and ONTO your list
  • Module 3.3 - Optimise your author website - how to significantly boost conversions with a few simple tweaks
  • Module 3.4 - How to sell direct from your site for 90%+ revenue kept (vs 70% on Amazon)
  • Module 3.5 - How to build an automated email system to prove your brand, your value, and SELL (without being scammy)

Module 4 - Engage Your Audience & Sell

  • Module 4.1 - How to SELL to your platform, without resorting to “scammy” or “sleazy” tactics
  • Module 4.2 - Why building trust is more important (and more profitable) than making a quick sale
  • Module 4.3 - How to get readers clamoring for your books and the 4 objections you need to overcome (in detail)
  • Module 4.4 - The exact process I use to get 100+ five-star reviews from just one email
  • Module 4.5 - How to write compelling emails - the AIDA and HTOC structure (plan and write your emails in minutes, not hours)

Module 5 - The Ultimate Launch & Promotion Template

  • Module 5.1 - Launch day strategies – how to take everything you’ve learned and put it all together with a knock-out launch plan
  • Module 5.2 - The exact system I use to launch my new releases into the top #100 on Amazon (with zero ad spend)
  • Module 5.3 - How to build your own Street Team / Launch Team of superfans to boost your new releases to the top of the charts
  • Plus - The number one mistake most authors make on launch day – and what you should do instead

Module 6 - Facebook Advertising for Authors

  • Module 6.1 - Introduction to Your Ads Dashboard: Forget "boost post", here's how to create powerful ads that can reach your readers anywhere in the world and drive profitable & sustainable growth
  • Module 6.2 - Lead Ads & Tracking Pixels: How to capture leads without them ever having to leave Facebook (no landing pages required) and how to track results and build targeted audiences with the FB tracking pixel
  • Module 6.3 - Custom Audiences: Reduce costs and drive up sales by creating specific audiences of readers who have engaged with you in the past Here's the exact step-by-step breakdown.
  • Module 6.4 - Tweak your Ads for Better Results: How to improve ROI and scale up profitably by determining WHO is engaging best with your advertising (so you can focus on them).
  • Module 6.5 - Ninja Tip! Here's a simple, three-minute strategy you can use to capture the lead AND the sale in one go - and help your ads pay for themselves immediately
  • Module 6.6 - Facebook Messenger Bots: This new marketing platform can boast 100% open rates and 80% click rates. Here's how to use it.

And your Bonuses...

  • Advanced Interrogations: Learn from master marketers like Joanna Penn and Mark Dawson - take their strategies and make them work for your business.
  • The 60 Day Author: Not finished your book yet? Think you're "slow" at writing? Here, we'll give you 8 detailed sessions to take you from "no idea for a book" to "published and rocking it" in as little as 60 days (no matter your genre)
  • Tools of the Trade: All the software and tools you'll ever need, broken down for you step by step (perfect for technophobes).
  • Six-Figure Swipe Copy: Never wonder "What do I put in my emails?". I've put together templates of every email you'll need to send, written for you. Copy 'em, swipe 'em, use 'em as your own.
  • Live Support & Community: Get 24/7 lifetime access to the private 10k Readers Facebook group and get support from 2,100+ other authors going through the same material (Nick is in there daily, also).
  • Personal Email Coaching: Need extra help? I'm just an email away!

And... you'll also get lifetime access to all the material (stream it or download it whenever you like) and free access to all future updates. If we ever raise the price, you'll also be locked in at today's rates, so you'll never pay an penny extra. That's on top of our 30 day 100% guarantee - so you can preview ALL the material in full for 30 days risk free.

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